Welcome to Hagg Lake

Henry Hagg Lake, aka Hagg Lake,  is a 10 minute drive from Forest Grove, Oregon (see it on a map). Hagg Lake is a Washington County reservoir and park which offers many of the common experiences you would expect from a mountain lake.

When full,  Henry Hagg Lake covers 1153 acres; with the deepest part at 110 feet and an average depth of 51 feet.  The water level fluctuates about 22 feet annually.   It has, in general, maintained good water quality since its’ filling in 1975 and offers a number of ways to make your experience there enjoyable.   It offers bass, trout, crappie and perch fishing 8 months out of the year. In fact, the state record for smallmouth bass comes from Hagg Lake,  almost 8 pounds! Hagg Lake offers stocked trout during the colder months in spring and fall. Spinner Reels, Bait Casters, Fly Rods, stiff, and light action rods all do well and are fun for the whole family.

In addition to fishing, there are many other ways to get in touch with nature at Hagg Lake.   Biking and hiking can be experienced at Hagg on its’ 10 mile loop around the lake. Nothing too technical, so any stretch of path can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Several local and national athletic events are held at Hagg Lake including distance swimming, running and triathlons.

If you’re wanting to have a large party there, you can do that too. There are numerous gathering areas with gazebos, picnic tables and beach front.

There are two boat docks (we recommend Boat Dock A), one in a no-wake zone and a launch where you can let it rip 200 feet from shore.

Here is a great video made by Washington County Parks that gives you a lot of information about Henry Hagg Lake.